Since we currently live in a world that spends too much time on constant communication, the internet becomes a necessity. No matter where in the world our friends are, and how long it’s been since we’ve seen them, it’s not going to be a problem. As long as they continuously stay active on social media, we can always keep up and stay in touch. But as far as “connection” is concern, is social media capable of strengthening a bond or does it influence people to become more shallow and unpredictable?

There’s a limit on how many people we can maintain our relationship with depending on how socially capable we are. Many of us can have a hundred close ones within the parameter. The numbers can potentially go up depending on the environment, status, beliefs, and other factors. However, in social media, we can have the ability to extend friendship over thousand of numbers.

There are categories as to where friendship reaches its connection. Based on the studies, three categories segregate the level of intimacy and closeness of two or more people. The specifications explain what type of friendship can become a standard in social interaction.

  • Active – If we are regularly in touch with a person and can openly express emotional sentiments even if they are not around, then they are the active ones. The indication of knowing pretty much everything about their lives keeps them inside the circle. Commonly, these people are currently within reach. But there are also those who are living far from our area and manage to stay relevantly connected.
  • Dormant – It is common to have a history of secured friendship with a bunch of people. However, they become dormant friends when we somehow lose the communication with them. These types of friends happen when someone moves away to a distant location. However, it doesn’t limit its reasons there. There are also instances that we might both live in the same area but doesn’t feel like hanging out again.
  • Commemorative – These types of individuals in our lives happen to be important. They may have significant value in our earlier experiences, but we didn’t expect their friendship to last. Sometimes, it never crosses our mind to see or hear from them, even ever again. Though we do remember them on some occasions, we know they firmly belong in the past.

Social Media Changes Friendship

The categories of friendship were precise, but not until social media intercepts. Let’s say the relationship of active friends become more active that it started to create an influence with or without a required presence. Though it may sound good for some reasons, it still adds complication to some instances. It encourages over-closeness that hinders us from knowing and spending time with other people. It somehow locks us in a specific connection due to too much activeness.


For dormant and commemorative cases, on the other hand, it can potentially become better. The history of friendship can start a new series due to the accessible way of communication. Aside from keeping up with the posted information on their pages, we can instantly send a message that will start something. An example is a simple “hi.” The message can make a difference in the long-lost connections we have with our dormant and commemorative friends.

More of our dormant and active friends become commemorative when we get older. That’s because the span of friendship naturally fades. Even if we love spending our childhood and adolescent years with tons of people, the adult days are different. But with social media, the connection remains intact. It somehow brings people closer together.





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