When we talk about friendship, it’s not always about whom you have known the longest. It’s about who came in your life and never left you since then. The insightful idea of this kind of relationship is a bit stereotyped because of the most common generalized view of friendship. However, when it comes to analyzing who you are, taking an inventory of the people you spend time with is crucial in determining it.

We all have a ton of people that we know and even shared a moment with them too. But as you mature, you become closer to a certain number of individuals whom you share more common things with. The limitations now bring problems, especially when they are nowhere near you in times you needed someone. Though it doesn’t imply an end in a lasting relationship, the need to look for new ones becomes a reason to do so. So how do you make new friends? Here’s how.

Spend Time Around People – It may sound too typical, but it’s the best way to meet new people. If you happen to isolate yourself, you’re never going to make new friends. Therefore, you need to get out of your comfort zone and embrace a different kind of world. Experience things far beyond what you already know and spend time with people that can contribute something in your personal development. Just be social.


Join A Group Or Organization – When looking for friends, you always have this idea of sharing the same thing that interests you. By that, you can find a group, club, or organization that makes it possible. The idea here is you’re going to socially do things you like while doing it with people who also enjoy the same thing. It is a great time for bonding because it doesn’t require you or them to make adjustments at the beginning of the course of friendship. It creates a good impression.

Consider Volunteering – When you think about it, doing something good for the community allows you to gain friends. From there, you are going to find a lot of individuals who share the same values and commitment you have. You are going to develop a bond or a conventional rotary because all of you are working toward achieving the same goal. Everything in what you do will mean something not only to the community but for other people that surround you as well.

Begin A Conversation – Nothing beats a good and honest conversation when you are aiming to have friends. Talk to everybody. The majority of individuals you’re going to talk to might not feel excited or comfortable as you are, but some of them will be glad to spend time exchanging ideas with you. There is always a person that will stick with the conversation. From that moment, you are beginning to get something out of it – friendship.


Appreciate Small Talk – Small talk is a crucial component of creating a new friendship. Sometimes, a conversation will not last if nothing is interesting to discuss. So it is necessary to note that a simple appreciation of other people’s point of views, interests, and ideas is a game changer. Spending time with new people do not need to take long hours. A small quality talk is enough to create a good impression towards friendship.

When making friends, there is always a slight chance that people might not like you. But don’t think about it as something that will stop you from making new ones. The proper attitude and right amount of sense of humor sometimes do the trick. And of course, the honesty and sincerity of wanting to be friends with them is a plus.

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