Let’s be honest. There is always a situation when you hang out with friends and don’t feel the vibe. There is still a time that everyone sits around the couch while continuously refreshing their social media accounts on their phones. It’s like you are having people beside you physically that are absent in both emotional and mental aspects. In that case, here are the things you can do to reach out to your boring and annoying friends.

Ask Them What They Want To Do – This question is a bit tricky because you might not get an expected answer. Some of your friends might not have an idea, or even if they do, they won’t tell. Therefore, a specific question is a must. Ask them an inquiry that is answerable with a yes or a no. Let’s say for example their interest is in watching a movie, baking, playing video games (, hang outside, drink beer, and so on. Always aim to create a question that allows activities to fit in.

Talk About What Interests Them – It may sound sacrificial in a way. That’s because you’re not only letting them have their moment, but you’re also sacrificing your attention solely to be able to please them. It may not apply to all, but it’s one way to deal with dull friends. As long as you envision your friends to cooperate, there is always a possibility of a good conversation. You’ll never know where the discussion might lead you. All of you might end up sharing life stories, experiences, and adventure that everyone can learn a lesson with.


Make Them Feel Comfortable – The more you imply how tiresome your friends are, the more they will keep doing what they do. When you allow a slight chance for them to know that you are somehow disappointed with them, it will freak them out. The more they get an uncomfortable time with you, the easier for them not to cooperate. Therefore, always make sure that they feel relaxed at all times.

Never Force Them To Do Something – People don’t like it when you force them to do stuff they don’t want to do. As far as the boring friends are the concern, never insist on setting up ideas they know nothing about. And even if they do, don’t think that it will automatically make them feel interested immediately. Some people limit themselves in doing things they both like and dislike. So never make a move in insisting what you like, unless it’s agreed upon.

Always Allow Options – In dealing with friends, who seem to have their world, allow them to refresh themselves. It may take a while, but your friends will eventually look for something to do that involves you in it. Since most of these boring people love to spend time in a particular activity, they have limited options. From there, make them think through the stuff they like that you can also agree on doing.

Be Patient All The Time – Dealing with people who don’t seem to know what “bonding” feels like is a bit frustrating. However, you have to remember that not all people are alike. There are the ones that share the same view as yours, and there are those who don’t seem to care. But with all stress and unrecognized effort, you need to be patient with your friends. That’s the best way you can win them over.


You may think that your boring friends take everything away from you, but they don’t. It only shows they have a different taste of bonding and it may differ from your ideas. However, it doesn’t say they are not lovable. Because when you think about it, it doesn’t matter whether your friends are boring or not. What will matter most is how you spend quality time while getting to know more about each other.

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