Going outdoors and going crazy with friends are fun things to enjoy, especially when we are young. We usually go to the movies, swimming, drinking, and many more. It’s all about the laughter and the crazy moments. However, sometimes in our circle of friends, not everyone is as adventurous and outgoing as everyone. Some are introverts who prefer to be in solitude. Often, they are hard to invite over because as much as they want to spend time with friends, they prefer to stay at home doing peaceful activities. So, how do you go about making and remaining friends with an introvert?

5 Fun Activities You Can Do With An Introvert Friend:

  1. Do Or Practice Their Hobby

You don’t expect your introvert friend to stay at home all day, doing nothing. He has an activity or hobby that allows him to do some introspection and perfect a skill. The difference between outgoing people and introverts is that introverts may have much time discovering and developing their craft. Show interest in your friend’s hobby by asking questions or doing it yourself.


  1. Watch A Movie

You can watch a movie at the cinema or stay at home and watch Netflix. Watching a movie is one way for introvert people to spend intimate time with themselves. Include yourself in this fun moment with them, and you may discover more things about life, your friend, and yourself.



  1. Go To A Gig Or Musical

Some introverts feel freedom and enjoyment when they listen to music. However, it is critical that you know their preference in music. We all have a genre that we enjoy, and most of the time, introverts are very specific when it comes to music. For instance, some may find rock music annoying. Make an inquiry first before you buy tickets to a performance.


  1. Watch A Performance Or A Play

 You can tell that most introverts are people of substance because they have much time introspecting. It expands their knowledge and deepens their perspective about aspects of life. It makes a high possibility that they will enjoy a play where there is a topic elaborated. Choose something that your friend is interested in such as romance, mystery, politics, or whatnot.


  1. Have A Few Glasses Or Bottles At Home

While most of our friends enjoy partying and clubbing, there are those who prefer to have a drink at home, free from the crowd and all the noise. Having a drink at home can also allow for a deep and meaningful conversation compared to going someplace where you can hardly hear each other.


Introverts are not dull people. They just have a different perspective on what fun is. Often, they may find other activities annoying and a waste of time which some of us enjoy. Being an introvert does not mean they don’t want to be friends or exposed to the world. They just prefer to spend their time in solitude. You are lucky if you have an introvert friend. You will always have someone whom you can spend time quietly when you need to detoxify from the stress of your everyday life.

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