We all know individuals who think and act differently, and they sometimes make us judge and feel discouraged about wanting to be with them. It could be a family member, a friend, or someone we know. Admittedly, we somehow think about the lack of connection due to some weird stuff that the particular individuals used to do. The seriousness, arrogance, and aloofness make us wonder why we are spending time with those people in the first place. But instead of thinking ways to ditch individuals, who are practically different, why not try and understand the nature of introverts? Why not instead of continuously complaining about how hard it is to get along with them, we allow ourselves to learn to care for them?

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Accept Them For Who They Are

Introverts know that they are different from others and they accept that. These people know their personality and set limits as to where they should or shouldn’t be. It’s not as if they always choose to be like that at all times. Most of them wish to become more social and healthy like any other person. Therefore, there’s not a thing that will allow others to outgrow them just because society thinks they are different from the rest. But before introverts grow and become the person they want to be, extroverts need to do something for them. They need to help introverts cherish their personality and unique traits.

Acknowledge Them For Their Positive Aspects

People might not agree, but introverts are generally loving, helping, and caring people who always put others first. Some people may not see it because these individuals always stay away from the limelight, but it’s the truth. Extroverts should appreciate them for their kindness, thoughtfulness, and willingness to help others and not judge them by their perception of isolation. Introverts are understanding people who respond and help others whether it’s for a social cause or something unknown. As long as they value you as a family or a friend, they will stick with you no matter what. Introverts do not expect something from others, but they seek acknowledgment from those people close to them. They don’t help and care for others only to get recognition. They do it because these people feel the satisfaction of providing good deeds.

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Do Not Push Them To Their Limits

It’s normal for extroverts to become risk-takers and that’s fine. However, it’s not okay when they push introverts into things they don’t usually do. That is one of the bad habits of extroverts that make introverts lock themselves all over in isolation again. Although the intentions are acceptable, it doesn’t work as easily as that. Instead of creating a difference, an introvert may only feel pressured and uncomfortable in social situations. Therefore, it leads to the hesitation of trying things for the sake of experience. It is not wise to push an introvert into something they don’t emotionally want, literally need, or mentally uncomfortable doing, not until they are ready to take the risk. Not until they are prepared to challenge themselves to explore and test their capabilities and limits. Just allow introverts to have their space and time.

Always Prepare To Give Back

Compared to extroverts, most introverts are sensitive and good listeners. Usually, they don’t like to speak, but they are undoubtedly quick to listen. However, it doesn’t mean they don’t want people to hear them as well. Because even though introverts are silent most of the time, they still want someone who is willing to listen as they share their thoughts and ideas. It’s extroverts’ responsibility to give back and be good listeners too. Since introverts are always there for people who need them, they deserve to experience the same thing. They don’t need to tell what they want because these individuals’ are caring too much. Therefore, people should practice the art of giving the favor back.

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Accommodate Introvert People’s Differences

The way extroverts and introverts feel, think, perceive, and make decisions vary from one person to another. There is no chance that these two different types of people share the same qualities. For example, extroverts with full energy tend to spend time actively engaging in social activities. They continuously find an opportunity to hang out with friends and seek happiness in things they do. But introverts, on the other hand, spend their energy by isolating themselves and consuming time alone. But note, it doesn’t mean they don’t find happiness in going out. These individuals only want to use their time and energy in the company of those people they love and are close to them. That’s because they believe that happiness is different from what extroverts thought it could be.

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To most introverts, happiness for them is helping others or making others happy. It is their way of achieving a sense of satisfaction. So for those extroverts out there, take care of your introvert loved ones.


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