Being the new kid in school is always terrifying. There’s this anxiety or fear that crawls up in you whenever you think about getting surrounded by different people you don’t know. There are times that it’s hard to make new friends as well because others seem to establish a group of their own. There’s this perception that being the new guy will always end up hanging out with the (sorry for the word) “rejects.” With that, specific social issues such as bullying get instantly expected.


The Struggle In Making Friends

There are times that you feel being friendly to everyone is okay. That’s true. However, not everyone like you can live with that idea. That’s because you can’t be friends with just anyone. Note that other people are not bad or anything, but there’s this struggle in clicking with them. You can’t force them to like what you like, or even make them agree on things you believed in. Some of them will become your enemies and bullies, and you have to get through them. While others will not care about your existence, there are those people who will become interested in you. You have to find the right persons that are worth your time, effort, and attention.

The Art Of Making Friends

There are things you can do to make things better in your new school. Yes, there’s a chance that you may experience significant prejudice during your school days. But it is not enough reason to stop you from looking out for people who can share things with you. You have to understand that it is hard to get along with people in an instant. There is always a boundary as to whom you share your days with and where you should put yourself in certain situations. Therefore, you need to exert an effort in creating a lasting relationship with peers that you believe is going to contribute to your development. You need to break out of your comfort zone and try to be more outgoing.


If you happen to be fortunate enough, there are times that friendship will happen. You will eventually get bounded with the people who share the same interest and hobbies as yours. That’s a great thing because it eradicates the anxiety and stress of convincing someone to like you for who you are. Because when others share essential stuff with you, there’s a chance that you can develop a relationship that the group also agrees on having too. There’s this relief of finding people that you can expect to contribute to your well-being in small or lots of ways. These contributions include emotional strength, spiritual guidance, and mental stability.

Being the new kid in school can become weary. That is due to the pressure of trying to fit in. However, since technology is serving its purpose nowadays, you can rest assured that making friends will become easy. But, there’s still a loophole to that though. Because when you depend too much on a social media connection, you’ll eventually lose the value of personal interaction. Yes, you may gain a lot of new virtual friends. But it will not secure a lasting relationship because there is no physical contact. And when people don’t get a chance to bond with each other, it is impossible to maintain a friendship in that state and will eventually grow apart. Besides, it is not healthy to enclose yourself at home all the time. You have to embrace the rest of the world and make the best of it.


You may feel that being the new kid seem like the end of the world. But, it is the experience that counts. You have to thank the situation because it will help you in slowly building your personality and social skills with people. Being new to school allows you to prepare yourself in the environment of different strangers as well as show you how unpredictable life can be. You will never know who you’ll become friends with, especially not at first sight. It all takes a simple interaction over things that both of you entirely like. Some friendship can start in a simple smile, small conversation, as well as on rivalry.

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