It is amazing how an event like the 2019 friendship summit can change a person’s perspective. In the discussion, there are things that all individuals can agree with. That is to do the best you can for the benefit of your friends. But what if your friends are not open to doing the same thing for you? What if they do not care about your efforts and only counts those things you do that benefits them? Well, the answer is simple –move on and remove them from your life immediately. But how can you do that?

The most valuable move you have to do is ignore them. The more your friends throw themselves at you, the clearer the intentions. Usually, they will buildup themselves. They even praise everything you do for no reason. Then they begin to tell you things you often want to hear. Some lies, while others don’t. But don’t get into it. These people share the same goal, and that is to take you for granted.

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Always remember that friends are the ones who are supposed to stick with you no matter what. There are no buts and whys. Whether they benefit from you or not, they don’t care. They will understand the effects of their actions. However, if their focus is too much on themselves, then they are not worth it. These people are only enduring your presence because they want something from you. Or at least, you are providing them that already.

Yes, it often takes a long time before someone finally realizes that there is something wrong. Usually, an individual will have to sacrifice everything first before he gets to know the true colors of the people he thought are his friends. It is entirely a sad process. So before you lose everything, focus on the signs and watch out for some details of neglect, social abuse, and friendship-for-convenience.

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