People Are Walking Away From My Life – I Need Counseling For Emotional Pain

I hate this! I feel so sad and lonely. People are walking away from my life, and I am having trouble handling it. It hurts so bad that these individuals I trusted and shared memories with make me feel this way. I can’t believe that it is so easy for them to leave me hanging. I can’t understand that after everything I sacrificed for them, after all the efforts, time, energy, care, and love I invested, they are all unnoticingly saying “goodbye.” And for what reason? Honestly, I don’t know. I want to understand what’s going on right now.


I know that in life, people come and go. However, you can’t force them to stick with you just because you thought you could give them everything. And that is the most crucial part of the relationship that I hate so much. I find it unfair, especially when these people see no issue with leaving someone behind while that individual is having a hard time getting over them. I can’t understand why they look unaffected by the whole parting situations while I am at the point of breaking down. Is it because I am just the only one who values the relationship? Is it because I invested too much emotional attachment that I can’t accept the fact they wanted to leave me? Or is it because of my pride that I can’t believe I am being dumped by people who used to be so close to me?

It is a very unfortunate situation, and I feel so damn stupid for letting my emotions control my whole function. I can’t think clearly of what to do because I am still trying to figure out what went wrong. Why are these people so eager to cut chains with me when I didn’t do anything bad to them? Is that human nature? How come it becomes so normal for other people to end the relationship without feeling regretful in the end?


Anxiety, Depression, And Severe Emotional Pain

I know that I am dealing with everybody’s same concern with their relationships with other people. Ghosting is so detrimental that it causes me to experience severe levels of anxiety. It makes me doubt myself and feels insecure about my social capabilities. I am left with no validation, and there are no guidelines that I can do to proceed with the right attitude towards others. Everything is blurry, and it makes everybody so fake. I feel so abandoned, uncared for, and unloved.

Did I Disrespect Them? One of the things that keep on running in my mind is that maybe I am the one who is at fault. Maybe the reason why my friends are now ignoring me is that I made them feel disrespected. But when I deeply think about it, I never disrespected them in any way possible. I never made them feel like their opinions do not matter. In fact, I always pay attention to their thoughts and feelings.

Am I Not Emotionally Supportive? I don’t think so. As much as possible, I always want my friends to feel that I am here. So that whatever hurricane may come, I can still be the right person that they can count on. I always assure them that they can be open and be vulnerable around me. I am wholeheartedly available and more than willing to listen to their emotional problems.

Do I Make Them Feel Inadequate?

I can’t find enough reason as to why my friends would suddenly stay away from me. Everything is so confusing since I do not make them feel that they are not enough. I never asked any one of them to be perfect, and I never treated them indifferently. I am their friend, so I want them to feel appreciated as much as possible.

Do I Not Pay Attention To Their Needs?

That is one of the impossible things because I know I never treated my friends negatively. On the contrary, I gave them everything I can, and I always work on things that can make the whole relationship better. I am not perfect, though. But I am sure that I never ignored their mental, physical, and emotional needs.


Final Thoughts

I won’t lie. I still wish that my friends would spare some time and explain why they are ignoring me. I am still hopeful that they have a valid reason for doing this to me. Because honestly, I know I do not deserve this ghosting treatment. I didn’t do anything wrong. And if ever I did, I would gladly want to know how I can make it up to them. Yes, I might sound so desperate for social interaction, but I don’t want to suffer from this situation emotionally and mentally. So even if I had to apologize for nothing, I would.


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