Terms of Use

By using this website and its applications and services, it automatically says that you agree to
be bound by the following terms of the company.
Our organization has the right to change, update, add, and modify the Terms of Use from time
to time without prior notice. It is to ensure that we will be able to cater to our audience better and
enhance our current services. Violation of any of the terms stated below will result in the
termination of the user’s account.
Account Terms
We require the users to be at least 13 years old to register and use the website. Should you be
under the required age, you may still opt to ask for the guidance of adults such as your parents
and legal guardians.
We will not permit bots or any automated methods for the registration in the website. We will
check the validity of your account through the use of the systems applied by the company.
During the signup process, you must provide the following details: full legal name, a valid email
address, age, and other information required. You should also make sure that the data which
will be submitted must be reliable, correct, and updated. Just one person must only use your
login details. A single login credential shared by several individuals is not permitted.
Once you have your account setup, you are required to do the following:
1. Maintain the security of your account by securing both the username and password.
2. Be responsible when posting content and managing your account activities.
3. ou should report any violation of law conducted by other co-users.
Payments, Refunds, and Managing Terms
When paying for the goods and services provided by the company, you should keep in the
things listed below:
1. When paying, a valid credit card is the only mode of transaction. However, if you are
registering for a free account, you are not required to provide your credit card number.
2. If you initially sign up for a free account but fail to cancel it before the free trial period
expires, you will be required to pay its initial fee. If you fail to pay within the 7-day quota,
we will automatically shut down your account unless payment has been made again.
3. All the fees provided by our website are exclusive of levies, duties, or taxes which are
imposed by taxing authorities. You are responsible for fulfilling these additional
4. Downgrading your availed service may lead to a loss of features, content, or account
capacity. Our organization is not liable for any loss or damage.
5. Should there be a problem in the sending of payment, due to either the invalidation of
account or insufficient account balance, we will be providing a maximum of three days

grace period to make the payment. In cases where the subscriber fails to comply with
the said grace period, we will delete your account automatically.
Copyright and Content Ownership
All the website content posted will be under copyright law. Rest assured that our company
claims no intellectual property rights over the content, materials, and information that you
provide as a user.
Besides, you are also not allowed to duplicate, reuse, or copy any portion of the visual layout
elements and HTML and CSS codes without asking for written permission from our company.