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And We’re Back!

It’s been far too long since we posted anything about development or about DrunkDevs as a whole. I personally have been busy with work and family, and haven’t had nearly as much time as I would like to work on DrunkDevs. That being said, the development train has been fueled up and has left the station.

First off, let me talk about the game. We decided that the theme of “Scottish Samurai Lawnmower” Wasn’t exciting everyone on the team equally. So instead of leaving the project entirely, we are simply putting a pin in the project for a while, and we will come back to it later. The project we are now working on is based on the theme “Space Cat Castration Escape”. I don’t want to announce the game in this post, but I would like to state two of our goals for this project.


Do something besides a side-scrolling platformer:

After having developed three side-scrolling platformer games in a row, it’s time to expand our horizons. Part of the reason we have made so many is due to time constraints. With this new project we are not limiting our dev time as much, so hopefully, we can create tools versatile enough to make games in deferent genres as fast as we were with side-scrollers.


Make a longer game:

Here at DrunkDevs, we like games of all sizes. Short games are great for telling simple stories, but it’s time for us to make something a little more substantial. This isn’t going to be long game by any standard, but it will be longer than previous titles in our library. I would like us to make games of all lengths, and go where the stories take us, and in this case, the story is going to be taking us to multiple locations, with various game genres and fun boss battles.


One last thing I would like to talk about before I go is the changes coming to DrunkDevs.com. Previous to this project this site has been treated more like a press blog for our games. This tone is going to be changed completely. We will be working hard to make the blog about our personal stories working on these games. Our game development will become visible, and exposed. You won’t just read about our games, but also our struggles. You will read about our lessons learned, and lesson still being figured out. One week I may post about a cool physics system I’m attempting to implement, and the next week post about how it was the worst idea of all time. You will come to get to know us, and hopefully, we get to know you too. Welcome to the new DrunkDevs.com.